Casino Stud Poker: A casino game like no other.

Casino Stud Poker: A casino game like no other.

Caribbean Stud Poker is a very popular table game that has been played in casinos for over 30 years and can be found in almost every table livecasino and online casino as well. If you know the poker hand rankings, it’s easy to learn and play.

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How to play The game is played on blackjack like a table with six or seven seats. Each betting area has three positions to bet on:

The slot for the optional progressive jackpot. Ante betting slots Bet slots (call) The objective is for the players to have a higher hand rank than the dealer.

A standard 52-card deck is used. Before any cards are dealt, all players are required to make ante bets. An optional progressive jackpot bet may be made by inserting a chip or a dollar coin into the appropriate slots. The dealer then deals five cards face-down to each player and four cards face down and one facing himself.

After the players have checked their hand, they must decide to call. (Make additional bets) or fold (lose ante bets and extra jackpots) If a player calls, he / he must place additional bets in the bet slots which must be more than twice. After collecting chips from the folded players, the dealer will turn over all the cards.

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Dealer Selection Round

The dealer must have at least Ace / King to qualify to play. If the dealer does not qualify, all the hands called will win, the ante bet with the call bet becomes pushed and will be returned to you if the dealer qualifies the hand will be compared to each player’s hand. If the dealer wins, the player bets the ante. And the call will disappear in the house. If the player beats the dealer, he or she receives even money for the ante bet. The call bet is paid according to the payout table depending on the strength of the poker hand as follows.

One pair – pay
Two pairs – 2 to 1
Three of a kind – 3 to 1
Straight – 4 to 1
Flush – 5 to 1
Full House – 7 on 1
Four of a kind – 20 to 1
Straight Flush – 50 to 1
Royal Flush – 100 to 1

  • Payouts may vary by jurisdiction. Most casinos have the highest payouts at the table. Many are set at $ 5,000.
  • The downside to Caribbean Stud Poker is the dealer eligibility requirements. Players may have very high paying poker cards. But if the dealer does not qualify, the player wins the ante with only money.